Biologist - Zebrafish Transgenics and Light-sheet Microscopy for Cell Atlas

San Francisco, California, United States


Lab Vision

The Discovery Machine Lab led by Loic Royer at the Chan Zuckerberg Biohub will design and build lightsheet microscopy based ‘discovery machines’ that will not only acquire image data, but also perform online processing, instant 3D visualization, adaptive imaging, and automated photo-manipulation. These integrated instruments bring together state of the art optics, robotics, machine learning, and image analysis with the aim of building comprehensive atlases of development and modeling complex cellular choreographies.


We are looking for a Biologist with genetic engineering and Zebrafish experience that will help develop Cell-Atlas related biological projects in a collaborative environment, design experiments using state-of-the-art light-sheet microscopy, and conceive novel labelling strategies for live fluorescence imaging.
The candidate will have opportunity to drive a well-funded academic project, publish as a first author, and collaborate with the rest of the team on other projects. Moreover, the candidate is expected to devote some time to external collaborations.
This position offers the unique possibility to participate in the optics and microscopy innovation by means of a back-and-forth collaboration with the physicists building the hardware and the software engineer designing the microscope control software.

What we provide



Experience in live fluorescence microscopy and image analysis is highly desired. The candidate should be willing to learn new skills and knowledge, think creatively and show enthusiasm while engaging in risky but potentially rewarding projects.



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